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Looking for a chapter book from the 80's for 3rd-4th graders about a little Mexican girl who went to live at a hotel or on a ranch and her mom was the maid it had something to do with las palmas or the desert?
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There are folk tales of fairies stealing human babies and leaving a changeling in their place, and in this book, that was exactly what happened. The changeling is the main character, so the story is from her point of view. She is a thin and sickly child, and she has an unhappy childhood because everyone is suspicious of her being a changeling (and they are correct). She does have one friend, though; I can't remember why he is friends with her when everyone else shuns her. He might be an orphan or something?

Anyway, since she's so unhappy in her life, she decides to run away and find the land of the fairies, and her loyal friend goes with her. They rescue the girl who was stolen to be a servant to the fairies, and take her home to her parents, and then...I think she and her friend continue traveling, since they don't really fit in anywhere, except with each other.

Based on other books I was reading at the time, and what I remember of the physical book, I think the book I'm looking for would have been published somewhere between the 1940s and 60s, maybe 70s.
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I don't remember much about the novel other than the opening sequence featured a part where there were two characters who drove a car off a bridge or cliff and the car went underwater, it could have been a mother and a daughter but am unsure.. then it goes to describle how the car is filling up with water up to her nose and then over their heads and then the whole car is full and how they escape the car by smashing out the window and swimming to surface.
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This was a series I believe I read in the early(?) 90's about 4 girls who maybe were already friends and went to college together, or maybe some of them already knew each other? I'm pretty sure there was nothing paranormal or anything about the books, just basically the series was kind of a teen soap opera type deal with the girls in college. Lots of friend and girl drama.

I think each book may have been told from a different girls' perspective or was about one girl at a time. I know at least one was in a sorority or pledging and it caused drama.

I believe I was getting them via Scholastic book club, but not sure.
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Im looking for a book that has a bunch of short stories. I sadly only remember one short story in it. It was a supernatural type of short story book. I read it in the YA section about 6 years ago. The short story I remember I believe was one of the first stories in it. I don't remember much, but i remember for sure that it was about a vampire who owned an old movie theater. He would microwave his blood in the office and he would walk around the theater. I believe there was a girl in the theater who wirked there, and I'm pretty sure there was some romance in it as well. I can't remember that much about it, but I know the movie theater thing was for sure, which I hope narrows it down since there's not many like that. It was a short story that was one of the first stories in the book. I hope I can find it. :)
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ive tried searching this everywhere, basically it's a book where a boy (teenager?) is trapped in some town, as in when he tries to leave it and run away no matter how far he runs he's still in the town. When he tries to run there some significance about how the trees looked the same or something or they all looked identical so he would get lost in the forest but still be in the town? Then, at some point, he uses a computer in a public library or something and has people waiting on him maybe, to search up like a name or a thing or something. This alerts like the government or some agency that it has been searched so they make a chat pop up on his screen asking like who he is and why he searched that, and he responds also asking "who r u". They figure this means he is a teenager since he used r and u. I think this happened at the end of the book? There might have been someone in the town trying to make him stay too, and there was something evil about the town? Thats about all i remember but its driving me crazy! anything helps thanks!
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hello! I am so desperate to find this book. I read it as a kid in primary school. I rented it from a library and even a few years after I couldn't find it again and it's been driving me mad since (I am now 30!) so it was late 90s im guessing, and seemed an oldish book. The only thing I can remember was something about a ghost, and a necklace that ended up being exhibited at the Victoria and Albert museum - maybe the necklace was haunted? I know there was a ghost in it and maybe a brother and sister, but am sure the lead person was a young girl. Also there's something about pink and a wall - I'm not sure if book cover, title or what but I'm desperate to find out' if anyone has an idea please let me know!
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I've asked everyone and I'm starting to feel like I imagined this book. It would have been written about the 80's. It's a children's book about a creature that hatches from and egg and looks like a floppy dragon. I think his name was thing but I'm not sure about that. I loved the book but now no-one else remembers it existed!
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I remember my grandmother use to read me to my from a storybook one of the stories involved a Queen who was traveling by boat and was kidnapped by trolls(?) and a witch(?) took her place. But for three nights the real queen was permitted to visit her baby, she'd come up through the floor wearing rags and just hold her baby all night, and eventually was set free (the king broke the chains with a sword) and the imposter killed(?)

Bonus points if you can help me find the the storybook it comes from (it also had a version of the 12 dancing princesses in it, that's all I remember)
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NOTE: This book has been found!

Original entry:

Hi! I'm looking for a YA/teen novel about a girl who is searching for her father. I read it in the late 2000s/early 2010s.

The setting is the 1800s or 1900s, possibly in North America. The main character is a girl who lives with her aunt and uncle who use her as a servant. One day she runs away to find her missing father. Along the way she meets a charming conman who teaches her to survive. They travel together until they find her father, who has become a sheriff in a town. The conman ends up getting arrested. Devastated, she helps him escape, and he promises to come back for her someday. The story ends with her still waiting for his return.

If you have any idea what the title is, please let me know. Thank you very much! :)
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Looking for a short series (2 or 3) books that I read as a pre-teen.

I'm pretty sure the main part of the story revolved around a female character trying to escape a ruling class of bird-like (?) people.

There are really only one thing I remember clearly... that there was a river that turned living creatures who fell into it into wood. There was a ship captain who had pulled out a pregnant woman who had fallen in. He sketched her everyday and realized she was trying to speak,but moving super slowly. I think he ended up removing her child, who was then some kind of living wood creature.

These weren't the main characters from what I can remember. I really hope this rings a bell with someone, it's been bothering me for the last 15 years!
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I recently remembered a book I last read in the early 80s, but can't recall the exact title (or author) - I *think* it was called something like The Stairs on Avenue C but googling that and some keywords like 'book' 'novel' or 'gay' got me nowhere. it was a paperback about a gay guy in New York City (who lived on Avenue C?); and I vaguely remember the cover illustration was a doubling-back staircase - I think the cover was greenish. It was definitely no masterpiece and I think relatively negatively slanted; I can't remember if the protagonist turned out to be a serial killer or died, but that's the sort of impression I have. it was early in my discovery of gay lit, and I was gulping down anything I could lay my hands upon. and now I'm vaguely curious about it but unable to gratify that curiosity.

anyone have any pointers for where I might look?
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I recently had a very vivid and sudden recollection of a kid's picture book I read when I was pretty young... 7 or 8 maybe? Which would have put it back in the mid-1980s. I've been looking a while now, and I can't find any record that it ever existed.

The story revolves around a guy being frustrated with everyone in his town always putting him down (I think about his inventions?) and so he builds a giant robot that looks like himself to get revenge. At one point before the giant robot, there was a pet show, and he brought his robot bulldog. I can see the robot bulldog very clearly in my mind.

I thought "Wait And See" might have been the title, but that hasn't turned up any results. It was a recurring theme of the book though, someone would laugh about the guy's latest failed invention, and he'd say "Wait and see."

Most of what I remember about it though was the illustrations. It was very stylized, and appeared to take place in like, early 20th century America or the UK... lots of bowler hats or derbies, big curly moustaches, and I think pants with stripes. Gothic or victorian houses. Elaborate brass machinery. I think the illustrations were also kind of monochromatic. Might have been just line art with an ink or watercolor wash, if that even, but they were very detailed and quite interesting. For some reason, I associate it with Tommy dePaola and Maurice Sendak, although I don't think they're actually involved in any way, or that the art styles are even that similar. Maybe just that lack-of-perspective kind of illustration where everything is in flat planes, like layered scenery on a stage. Or maybe I was just reading a lot of those guys around the same time. Who knows?

Update: FOUND (kinda).

I found a bookstore that has one copy.


The book is called Wait and See. It was published in 1978. It's just out of print apparently, and never been digitized. The author/illustrator's name is Friso Henstra.


Aug. 19th, 2017 17:04
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We now have tags for genres. (Copied over from the LJ group.) I will endeavor add more categories in the next week or two. Right now I gotta run, got a lot to do today!

Please let me know if anything is missing, or if something isn't working correctly, etc.

I hope everyone's having a good weekend! :)
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I think it was a short story or novella by Stephen King but I haven't been able to find it so I may be wrong. I read it at least 5 years ago so its not something newly published. In it the main character becomes increasingly ill over the course of the story. Throughout the story he and two other characters who are either his friends or colleagues try to find out whats happening to him. At the end of the story they are in a car, the main character is in the backseat and in an immense amount of pain and his head growing and becoming grotesquely large. As the story closes his eyes and mouth start expanding and becoming black holes. I think he realizes he's becoming a god or something godlike at this point. I distinctly remember him either saying or thinking 'I fear I will not be a loving God', or something similar as the story ends.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? Its drying me crazy that I cannot find it.
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I've been searching for a story I read in an anthology quite a few years ago. In the future someone invents a machine to bring people from past to the present. When people get bored with that, he brings back the myths. Some were outright myths - gods & goddesses. Others were historical myths, such as JFK as a bloodied martyr, which confused the real JFK.

I don't remember title or author.

Thanks in advance!
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I just came across this community - I love that there are so many forgotten books that have been found!

There is one that I read back in elementary school - probably no later than 2000. I remember it every time a certain soundtrack plays on Pandora (the one my teacher played when I was reading the book), and every time I hear the song I am bothered that I cannot remember the name of the book.

I do not remember all the details of the YA mystery novel. What I do remember is that the protagonist came across the ghosts of a family that had been murdered (shot, I believe). There were graphic details - one family member's head was not totally connected to his neck, one was missing the back of her head, and even the horse was shot (still can't believe my elementary school had this!). The reason the protagonist came across the family's home or what the outcome of his interactions with them was escapes me. That is literally all I remember, but it is never enough to find the book.

Does this ring a bell for anyone?
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This is my first request so I hope I'm doing it right!

Maybe about 8-10 years ago I read a YA novel about a boy who, after being threatened by his alcoholic father, found he could "jump" to the public library - his safe place. With practice he found he could go anywhere he had been before. He uses his gift to help others, including saving people in a hijacked plane. He had a cave he had fitted out with everything needed & (of course) met a girl.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?
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I Read a graphic novel a while back, I can't remember most of it but I remember it was a hell of a good book. The art style was cartoonish Kinda like the walking dead cartoonish. Not Charlie Brown cartoonish. All of the pages were detailed and coloured in. I'm pretty sure it was about this kid I think he may have had a sister and may have had blonde hair, he lived with his mom but it was a crappy place. Beer bottles and cans everywhere, his mom was really chubby and sat in a chair, pretty sure she had blonde hair too. She seemed to be an alcoholic but she died in that chair and the boy freaked out then the ambulance came. Then I think maybe he got into a secret service and worked under cover???? I also remember a scene he was in highschool and I think he punched a girl and then the brother of that girl got mad at him and said something like "my sister had to get 6 stitches cause of you".....I also think he wore an orange shirt. I know this isn't much info but I would love to read that book again. Please help.
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All I remember about this fantasy book (magic and fae involved I am sure) is that the female main character had a traumatic childhood where she was locked in the house when everyone died (I don't remember why everyone died just that they did). I believe this next part is still the same book - later she meets this mysterious fae lord and they become involved and eventually she comes into her own and is very powerful.

I have been trying to remember this book FOREVER!! I think that part of the plot line is that someone was able to get into that house where everyone died (was ripped apart maybe) by sending these little things through a portal, and part of the plot line is figuring out that that is happening elsewhere now. I CANNOT FOR THE LIFE OF ME REMEMBER THIS BOOK AND IT IS RIGHT THERE ON THE EDGE OF MY MEMORY!! Please help!


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