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I think it was a short story or novella by Stephen King but I haven't been able to find it so I may be wrong. I read it at least 5 years ago so its not something newly published. In it the main character becomes increasingly ill over the course of the story. Throughout the story he and two other characters who are either his friends or colleagues try to find out whats happening to him. At the end of the story they are in a car, the main character is in the backseat and in an immense amount of pain and his head growing and becoming grotesquely large. As the story closes his eyes and mouth start expanding and becoming black holes. I think he realizes he's becoming a god or something godlike at this point. I distinctly remember him either saying or thinking 'I fear I will not be a loving God', or something similar as the story ends.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? Its drying me crazy that I cannot find it.
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I've been searching for a story I read in an anthology quite a few years ago. In the future someone invents a machine to bring people from past to the present. When people get bored with that, he brings back the myths. Some were outright myths - gods & goddesses. Others were historical myths, such as JFK as a bloodied martyr, which confused the real JFK.

I don't remember title or author.

Thanks in advance!
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I just came across this community - I love that there are so many forgotten books that have been found!

There is one that I read back in elementary school - probably no later than 2000. I remember it every time a certain soundtrack plays on Pandora (the one my teacher played when I was reading the book), and every time I hear the song I am bothered that I cannot remember the name of the book.

I do not remember all the details of the YA mystery novel. What I do remember is that the protagonist came across the ghosts of a family that had been murdered (shot, I believe). There were graphic details - one family member's head was not totally connected to his neck, one was missing the back of her head, and even the horse was shot (still can't believe my elementary school had this!). The reason the protagonist came across the family's home or what the outcome of his interactions with them was escapes me. That is literally all I remember, but it is never enough to find the book.

Does this ring a bell for anyone?
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This is my first request so I hope I'm doing it right!

Maybe about 8-10 years ago I read a YA novel about a boy who, after being threatened by his alcoholic father, found he could "jump" to the public library - his safe place. With practice he found he could go anywhere he had been before. He uses his gift to help others, including saving people in a hijacked plane. He had a cave he had fitted out with everything needed & (of course) met a girl.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?
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I Read a graphic novel a while back, I can't remember most of it but I remember it was a hell of a good book. The art style was cartoonish Kinda like the walking dead cartoonish. Not Charlie Brown cartoonish. All of the pages were detailed and coloured in. I'm pretty sure it was about this kid I think he may have had a sister and may have had blonde hair, he lived with his mom but it was a crappy place. Beer bottles and cans everywhere, his mom was really chubby and sat in a chair, pretty sure she had blonde hair too. She seemed to be an alcoholic but she died in that chair and the boy freaked out then the ambulance came. Then I think maybe he got into a secret service and worked under cover???? I also remember a scene he was in highschool and I think he punched a girl and then the brother of that girl got mad at him and said something like "my sister had to get 6 stitches cause of you".....I also think he wore an orange shirt. I know this isn't much info but I would love to read that book again. Please help.
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All I remember about this fantasy book (magic and fae involved I am sure) is that the female main character had a traumatic childhood where she was locked in the house when everyone died (I don't remember why everyone died just that they did). I believe this next part is still the same book - later she meets this mysterious fae lord and they become involved and eventually she comes into her own and is very powerful.

I have been trying to remember this book FOREVER!! I think that part of the plot line is that someone was able to get into that house where everyone died (was ripped apart maybe) by sending these little things through a portal, and part of the plot line is figuring out that that is happening elsewhere now. I CANNOT FOR THE LIFE OF ME REMEMBER THIS BOOK AND IT IS RIGHT THERE ON THE EDGE OF MY MEMORY!! Please help!
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Hi there,

I have been trying years to find this book, I read it when I was a teenager for English class and it has still remained one of the best fantasy epics I have ever read.

The books are part of a trilogy. To my knowledge, it features a scrawny nerdy kid, a buff bully boy and a girl who leave their bus after school one day and wonder into the forest. The nerdy kid had just gotten bullied by the other boy and ran off into the forest. All three eventually fall down into a hole and end up in a fantasy world.

I think the plot is along the lines of them finding their way home. They encounter a black wizard on the way and a gang of travellers. The black wizard in the first book has a dual personality and turns against them towards the end of the first book.

I also think the end of the third book is along the lines of the nerdy kid meeting a dark lord and finds out that the evil that infests the fantasy land is technology/science and they need the nerdy kid to continue their "evildoings".

I know this is probably vague, but hopefully someone can help me out!

Thanks in advance!
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I'm looking for a book that I read in the late 80s, maybe very early 90s, I don't remember much about the plot but I know it was about 3 or 4 friends and I'm pretty sure it was a coming of age story. In the beginning one of the main characters had her room professionally painted purple and she put up posters with tape and her mom was mad because the paint came off with the tape and the painters had to come back to fix it. She also had a poster of someone famous(in her world)that she had a secret name for, Benjamin Moore, and she made the joke that she knew it was a paint name but she loved the name. I want to say that the cover was a picture of the 3 or 4 girls and it was yellow. I also feel like that title was something like friends forever, that's what friends are for or something along those lines. Thanks.
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*Edit: The book is Sorcery Rising (Fools Gold #1) by Jude Fisher*

There was a book I read in high school, maybe 10+ years ago, and I'm struggling to recall the author and title.
I don't remember the main plot or character names, just a few scenes and descriptions the author used.
It's an older book and it's cover style was similar to other older books I read at the time like Through Wolf's Eyes by Jane Lindskold and The Outstretched Shadow by Mercedes Lackey and James Mallory, therefore the book I'm searching for might've been published in the early 2000s like those 2 books.

The book had a hardcover and I think it showed a town by the sea with a ship to the left (but my memory might be off)

The first thing I remember is that I think the story starts with a town by the sea. There is a mention of the first strawberries of the year being brought to the market, that people will be clamoring for them. The author compares the fruit to rubies and then says they are nearly as valuable.

The story changes perspective and kinda jumps around. I remember it being told from a guys perspective and then sometimes by a girl.
I also remember the author describing in passing how one character witnesses a small figure of a woman pinned by two guys while a third rapes her.

I also remember there were these traveler people like gypsies that came during that time of year to perform and entertain. That later hide a mysterious woman who is described as very beautiful with nearly white hair, creamy skin, etc. There was a guy who desired her a lot and wanted her as a wife but the gypsies kept him away from her until near the end of the story where we find out she's the sister of someone (either a god or a king, someone important but I can't remember).
I faintly recollect that the gypsies give the male protagonist something to help him out but can't do anything more to help him. I think he might've been one of them but he was orphaned and I think he has magic too.

Lastly the scene that I can recall vividly is when the girl protagonist is injured, her hands and side of her face are burned. Later this old woman heals her using fire and a knife to "carve" and reshape her fingers since the fire fused them together. While the old woman is doing this another character shows up, sees the knife, freaks and kills the old woman. Her last words to him are something like "don't you know it's bad luck to interrupt a healing." The old woman dies and the girls burns are healed along with her 'new' fingers.

--If anyone can help me find this book I would be so grateful. I'm sorry if it's not a lot to work with!
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I read this chapter book series in elementary school (around 2008) about a girl who had the power to influence plants with her emotions (for example, sometimes when she becomes angry she accidentally makes a plant grow a certain way). Each person in that world gets a power when they reach a certain age, as well as an orb. Her orb broke, however, so she has to travel to different realms to recover the pieces of her orb. She has a close male friend at home as well.

Later in the series, she discovers that she has a second power of reading the color of people's auras, which is relatively rare.

I think the title had something with "Azure" in it, though I could be wrong. I remember the cover being a photograph of the girl, with a pastel background.
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I have been going crazy for years wondering what the name of this book is:

A girl is taking a bath and closes her eyes and then is being strangled. After she survived being strangled, she finds herself in a forest. She has slipped into another dimension. She has slipped out of this world into another world. And the girl that was in that world is in her tub in our world. Her boyfriend and boyfriend's uncle realize that isn't her and so they have to go into a hole in space to go and rescue her.
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What I recall was Asian royalty living with space and privilege while cities were super crowded and couldn't be left. I think some part of the story revolved around discovery of what was beyond/under the city. This was a very long time ago, maybe more than 40 years that I read at least one of the series and its all very vague. An odd symbol on the front of the book and I want to say the author last name began with a W, but I can't be sure.
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I never got to read the whole book, so I don't know how it ends. What I do know:

There's a boy staying at an old house, possibly visiting relatives. He learns about the history of the house, including that the family who used to live there had a son who had died of a fever. Later, something happens, and our protagonist somehow switches places with the boy in the past. He wants to get back to his own time and his own body, and he tries to tell the family, but they assume he's just delirious from the fever. I think the ghost of the other boy may have purposely caused the switch, to get a chance to live. In any case, he does his best to pass as the protagonist and avoid going back to his sick body. I don't know what happens after that.

Is this familiar to anyone?
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 This is a series of YA books (I think three books, but maybe more?) set in a more or less normal "present day" world, where a small minority of children are able to shapeshift into animals. At some point in their teens (on a birthday, I think, but I don't remember at what age) they lose the ability and get stuck in whatever form they're in at that moment. Some of them choose to become animals permanently. There's a lot of angst.

The plot of one of the later books revolves around some of the shapeshifters discovering that they can take the forms of supernatural creatures, too-- unicorns, phoenixes, vampires. But these creatures aren't really meant to exist and getting stuck permanently in a supernatural form messes with the balance of the world somehow. I think what happens is that someone takes an "evil" form permanently (a vampire, I think), and that forces someone else to stay in a "good" form permanently to balance it out? But I don't remember for sure which happened first.

I read these in the mid 2000s in the US.
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(But it could be a little earlier, in the 60s.)

Kid's dad is an astronaut. The kids at elementary school love to play "blastoff" which involves jumping off of things, and the main character's father is, among other things, famous for smuggling a peanut butter sandwich onto the space shuttle because he was tired of astronaut food, even though of course there's the issues of crumbs.
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I'm so excited to find this community!

So: all I can remember about this series (I'm pretty sure there were at least two books) is that it featured a group of 3 siblings, one of whom was named Malcolm; and that the family owned a tortoiseshell or calico cat, whom I think was named Heather. In one book, there was a running joke that Heather was going to have kittens, according to the youngest sibling -- but never did -- and eventually, someone came along and realized that the reason Heather never had kittens was that Heather was a rare male calico (or tortoiseshell).

This was a minor subplot -- the books were sort of adventure/caper-ish in their main plots. Did anyone else stumble across them? Thanks in advance!
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Girl lives in DC. Ends up with Soviet friend - dad was a diplomat. Turns out the maid was spying on the Soviet family, and possibly also the US. The protagonist is very proud of living in DC and having tourists. She went to the FBI museum (?) every year and had her fingerprints taken. Her ambition, I think, was probably to be a spy one day.

I believe she met the Soviet (ambassador's?) kid because they shared a ballet class. Her father encouraged her to befriend the poor lonely girl. She wanted to do this anyway to spy on her, because she was sure they must be Up To No Good.

At one point the Soviet girl remarks on some homeless men with the comment that there are no poor people in the USSR. Our protagonist's father, more carefully, said that while it was true that the USSR took better care of its poor people, and there was less of a gap between the rich and the poor, there certainly were poor people in the USSR as well. (I'm not sure if the author was trying to be fair, or if she was trying to show that Americans should be honest, even when that means giving credit to our ideological enemies for doing something better than we do.)

I believe - but I don't know - that this book was published by Apple.

(Crossposted from reddit)
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Edit: I found it! It's "Bloodrights" by N. Lee Wood ("Erbin des Lichts" in German.)

I read this book probably around 15 years ago. I read it in German, and I think the title had "Licht" (light) in it but that might be wrong. The cover was mostly in red, and I think there was a castle on it. I'm pretty sure it was translated from English, because almost all books in that corner of the library were.

It was a stand-alone (afaik) low-magic fantasy novel. The main character is a young woman who claims to be the rightful heir to the kingdom, either through blood ties or because of a prophecy or both. She hires on older man to accompany her and tries to convince him of her rightful claim. At some point an assassin named Morgan (?) comes after her but I think eventually switches over to her side? And he might have been seriously injured? The woman gathers followers and eventually iirc an army.
The official heir to the kingdom (I think the king/queen died or something) is a young man who is obsessed with being pure enough to fulfill a certain prophecy. When the woman arrives he tries to prove his claim by undergoing some kind of magical/divine test, but he fails and burns and the set-up for the test is damaged. The woman then re-interprets the prophecy and says it applies to her, I think it involved putting a golden circlet over her head.
In the epilogue the woman rules over the kingdom, which has prospered. The man she hired first comes to her and tells her that his research has shown that it's impossible that she's actually the proper heir to the kingdom. She says she knew all along but didn't care, and isn't the kingdom better off now?

I've been wondering which book that was for years now, I'd be very happy if someone could help :)
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Here via [personal profile] redbird! I've been wondering about the title of a young adult novel I read sometime in the late '80s. It was about a girl who had scoliosis and had been in the hospital for a long time, and didn't want to leave, but was told "we need the hospital for kids who are really sick." A character in the book said "horse plops" as a swear. The author was a woman, but none of this was apparently enough to find the book on Google. Any ideas?
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*waves to the nice people in the new comm*

... I have a query I put on Facebook a week ago, apparently completely coincidentally with something that had screened in the last day (I'm not saying what, in case it actually is a spoiler).

My original 'Dear Lazyweb' question was "Can anyone think of a story where one of the (non-human) characters refers to either a pet or one of the other characters as 'Snack' rather than their proper name?"

Further on in the conversation that arose, I said " I feel like Snack was one of a) kitten, b) pony, c) obnoxious pre-teen child"

The vague ideas others came up with were that the individual speaking was a dragon, and that it sounds like something they read as kids (or to kids), but no-one was able to come up with any actual suggestions.

[also, mods, I have no idea how I'm supposed to tag this, or what a sensible subject line might be, so I'm going for the 'avoiding the question' approach]
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